Enterprise Customers

Wych helps with customer acquisition, retention and insights. As an enterprise customers you can bring our skills and knowledge to your customers by offering a single place to see and manage their financial lives.

We proactively advise our customers of upcoming bills and expenses. We simplify and automate payments and generally work to improve their financial wellbeing.

Customer Acquisition

Market trends
Don't just look at what your customers are doing, see the entire market behaviour
Our insights and auto-budget capability takes the worry out of your customers purchase
A simplified payment flow means a lead never more than 3 clicks from conversion
Customer Insights
The more you know about your customers the more opportunity there is to help satisfy their needs
Expand your presence with our co-branding and marketplace features and subscriptions

Customer Retention

Bill shock
Our predictive budgets allow us to advise customers of up coming expenses and help them budget for them
Payment flexibility
Don't restrict your customers, given them the power to choose how they pay and from where
Predictions and trends
Give your customers insight into how they compare to people like them
Simplified payments
Our simplified payment flow mean customers are never more than 3 clicks from a purchase
Close the payment loop
Make refunds, reimbursements and rebates as simple as payments

Customer Insights

Account verification
Use our account lookup to seamlessly verify account ownership and eliminate manual entry errors
Affordability score Credit-score
Your customers past doesn't have to dictate their future, use our affordability score to see what their future holds
Autofill onboarding
Simplify onboarding and increase conversion, Wych lets you fetch and automatically fill in your customers details
Income verification
Instantly verify recurring income using Wych's account data to limit risk
Know your customer
Streamline your KYC process both for customers and your business by automatically fetching customers' financial data

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