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Wych's Banking as a Service
gives your customers the latest tools
while reducing your cost to serve
and maximizing your offering.

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Data Insights

Wych provides real-time customer and market insights.

Customer Features

Wych offers the latest capabilities to you for your customers.

Account Automation

Wych offers budgeting and pay automation for workers with variable pay.

How do your customers manage automated payments when their pay is variable?

Balance maintenance

Wych balance maintenance offers high and low balance sweeping.

How do your customers make the most of bonus interest account or Mortgage offset account?

Customer Insights

Staying up-to-date with your customers needs and wants is important.

What is happening in their life right now? What are their goals? What challenges are they facing?
How can you help?

Market Insights

Banking is an increasingly competitive market.

What if you could see beyond your market share into what the rest of the market is doing?

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